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We take the principle of people-oriented, regard talent as the most precious resource, provide a reasonable working environment for employees, protect the health and safety of employees on the basis of system and training, at any cost, and abide by this policy.

We are committed to accident prevention and provide a safe working environment for our employees.

Focus on the cultivation of talents and regard employees as great wealth.

We should focus on hidden trouble investigation and encourage employees to find out positively.

Comply with relevant laws, and any system is based on law;

Every employee is responsible for the safety of the company. We will devote ourselves to the prevention of accidents and injuries, and we will create a healthy and safe working environment.

Excellent copper (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a wholly owned manufacturing enterprise established by Univertical Corporation in 2002 in the new Suzhou new area. The new factory uses Univertical in the world leading production technology, mainly engaged in high quality phosphor copper ball, oxygen free copper ball, pure tin anode and other metal anode materials, electroplating, PCB, half The production and sale of special chemicals such as high purity nickel sulphate sulphate, nickel sulphate solution, nickel chloride solution and copper sulphate solution are used in the conductor industry. The company covers an area of 50 mu, with a registered capital of 5 million 750 thousand dollars, a workshop area of 6000 square meters and a storage area of 4000 square meters. In January 15, 2003, it began to break earth and construction, the main building was completed in October 2003, and some products began to be put into operation in December 2003.


Univertical Corporation was founded in 1938 by Mr. Charlie Walker in Detroit, Michigan, USA, and rebuilt a new factory in Angola, Indiana, USA in 1998. It specializes in PCB, electroplating industry anodized materials (phosphor ball / corner, tin lead ball / strip, pure tin ball / bar, etc.), special chemicals The professional manufacturing company of the production and development of anode basket is the first in the world to introduce phosphor copper anode materials into electroplating process and produce the first phosphor copper ball. It invented the first titanium basket in the world. It is the first anode material manufacturer to get ISO9001:2008 certification in North America. Univertical is the quality leader of the industry in the world, and this position is continuously strengthened through continuous improvement and product quality improvement.

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