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Team spirit



Treat each other with sincerity



Responsibility and sense of ownership



Moral principle




Univertical's Welfare


   Inheriting the tradition of creating quality benchmarks in all aspects,Univertical International (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. has made great efforts in giving back to the community's aid public welfare activities. Creating a healthy community is not only a part of corporation's social responsibility, but it also provides a good opportunity to improve the quality of life of staffs and community residents. According to the actual situation and the needs of the community,  Univertical has established a long-term partnership with KEYWAY, a non-profit organization that aims to create a healthy community around the world.





  Both sides agreed that the development and progress of the community and the quality of community education play a key role. Therefore, Univertical and KEYWAY started from the school for migrant workers and launched a service to promote community development.Univertical has been hosting English summer camps and scholarship sponsorships for children from community migrant children's schools since 2009; every participant in the event has enjoyed campus time.The children also learned the qualities of mutual respect and mutual help, leaving a good memory.