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Printed circuit board (PCB) are widely used in the information electronics industry. The main plating process of PCB plating is copper, tin, nickel and others. The main role of the copper plating process is to achieve electrical connections. The phosphorized copper anode and copper sulfate produced by Univertical can provide quality assurance for achieving good copper plating effect. Tin plating is also commonly for PCB positive film processing. Univertical's pure tin anode has the characteristics of high purity and less sludge, which can improve anode utilization rate and reduce production cost. Nickel plating is one of the latter procedure for PCB surface treatment. And with Univertical’s high-quality nickel sulfamate solution in this process, a low-stress nickel layer can be produced.


Application: Phosphorized Copper Anode, Copper Sulfate, Nickel Sulfamate Solution.

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