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Terminal connector plating has two main functions: One is to protect the substrate from corrosion and one is to optimize the properties of the surface and establish and maintain contact interfaces among terminals. Generally, plate Ni first and then followed by surface functional electroplating (such as tin, silver or gold plating, etc.). Nickel plating usually adopts the nickel sulfamate system, mainly because terminals have a higher requirement for stress. Univertical’s nickel sulfamate solution is made of high-quality metal nickel with advanced American process, ensuring product stability and the lowest internal stress in the industry, fine grain structure and lightness deposit layer as well. Univertical's pure tin anode has the characteristics of high purity and less sludge, which can improve anode utilization rate and reduce production cost.


Product Application: Nickel sulfamate solution ,nickel chloride , pure tin anode and nickel bromide.

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