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2018/04/24 10:18

I. Career Development:
1. The greatest success factor of Univertical is human resource. We need to ensure the learning and development of every staff with the largest potential, to continue keeping our leading technology position in the industry. One of Univertical cultures is promoting staff to take active steps to plan their own growth and development.
As an employer, we provide learning opportunities, training and support, and accept the effective use of new technologies. By onsite training, lectures, project participation plans, overseas learning exchange and other approaches, the company provides the staff with lifetime training in terms of technology, commerce, market, language and/or etiquette skills, to practice our continuous learning values.
a. We pay more attentions to staff’s potentials, advantages and interests, and specifically offer the help of career development plans, to provide the staff with targeted cross-functional and inter-departmental learning training as much as possible, thus providing a larger platform to attempt and challenge themselves.
b. In combination with various channels, the company searches quality resources for the staff, to develop their potentials and improve themselves. Besides the training and learning plans arranged by the company according to job responsibilities, the staff can apply for training plans and courses suitable for them according to their requirements and conditions, to search a growth path closer to needs for themselves.

2. Recruitment
Univertical has prepared excellent job opportunities for all the young and promising or experienced professionals
The latest open position JD
For more details, please call 86-512-66610088 and turn to HR Department, or email hr@univertical.cn