Nickel sulfamate,Nickel chloride,Nickel bromide,Pure tin anode


Terminal connector plating has two main roles: one is to protect the substrate from corrosion; The other is to optimize the surface performance, establish and maintain the contact interface between terminals. Its electroplating process generally chooses nickel layer as the base, and then carries on the surface functional electroplating (such as tin, silver, gold, etc.). Low stress metal coating can be produced by nickel sulfamate system. Therefore, nickel sulfamate plating system is widely used in terminal connector field. Excellent resistance to nickel sulfamate selection of high quality metal nickel raw materials, and the use of the United States advanced technology for production, the product has high purity and good stability. Selection of optimal resistance to nickel sulfenate solution electroplating can produce very low stress, delicate and shiny lattice metal coating. The CHARACTERISTICS OF PURE TIN anode are high purity and very little anode sludge during electroplating, so that customers can improve the anode utilization rate and reduce the production cost.