Univertical International (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Univertical International (Suzhou) co., LTD. is by the Univertical Corporation established in 2002 in Suzhou ,the new factory use the Univertical one of the world's leading production technology, mainly engaged in electroplating, PCB,semiconductor industry with high-quality phosphorus copper ball, oxygen-free copper, pure tin anode materials, meanwhile with high purity nickel sulfamate solution, nickel sulfate solution, nickel chloride solution, copper sulfate solution and other special chemicals production and sales. With its continuous dedication to excellence, consistent quality and technological advances , Univertical has set the indu stry’s global benchmark of quality, So whatever your business needs are, Univertical will provide the best worldwide service


Univertical is committed to be the benchmark in our industry for the products we manufacture, service, and sell. We produce the highest quality raw materials, adhere to the highest quality standards in production, promptly ship our products, and provide outstanding customer service in order to achieve exceptional customer satisfaction. We employ a quality system that has been developed to ensure consistent performance in our processes which has resulted in numerous advantages


Best In Quality

In addition to benchmark quality products, Univertical's customers can also get the full support of our regulatory and compliance teams to meet the requirements of REACH and the global unified label and safety data sheet system.


Best In Continuous Improvement

We constantly train our employees and provide them with the necessary resources to ensure that our customers obtain the highest value-added products in the industry.


Best In Pricing Solutions

We use the developed quality system to ensure the consistent performance of our products, and we strive to continuously improve our quality system through continuous feedback from customers.


Best In Customer Service

We purchase the highest quality raw materials, adhere to the highest quality standards in production, deliver goods in time, and provide excellent customer service to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

Social Rsponsibility

Environmental Safety

The Univertical companies, manufacturers of a diverse range of high-quality metal and chemical products,
are committed to protecting the environment. We are committed to making environmental awareness a part of everything that we do.


Work Environment

Univertical recognizes that our people drive the business. As the most critical resource,employees will be safeguarded through training, provision of appropriate work surroundings, and procedures that foster protection of health and safety. All work conducted by employees will take into account the intent of this policy. No duty, no matter what its perceived result, will be deemed more important than employee health and safety.