Oxygen free pure copper anode,Pyrophosphate copper,Nickel sulfamate,Nickel chloride

Lead frame

Lead frame as a carrier of integrated circuit chips, is a kind of with the aid of bonding material (wire, aluminum wire, copper wire) for chip internal circuit outside the terminal and the electrical connection in the lead, the formation of the electric circuits of the key parts, which serve as the bridge between the external and wire connection, the vast majority of semiconductor integrated block you need to use lead frame, It is an important basic material in the electronic information industry. Lead FRAME PLATING IS A SPECIAL SURFACE TREATMENT ON THE MOUNTING/BONDING AREA (LEAD PINS AND ISLETS) OF THE LEAD FRAME, WHICH is mainly used to ENSURE THE MOUNTING/bonding performance in the packaging process and to make the chip and welding wire form good diffusion welding with the lead frame. Generally, the process of preplating copper and then nickel and finally silver or gold is adopted. Compared with traditional electrolytic copper, the anodes of oxygen free copper have obvious quality advantages with high purity, less impurity content and fine lattice. With excellent resistance of copper pyrophosphate and potassium pyrophosphate, can effectively ensure the quality of products. The excellent resistance of nickel sulfamate is MADE OF high QUALITY NICKEL as RAW material and produced by advanced technology of the United States, which ensures the stability of the product and the lowest internal stress of electroplated nickel layer in the whole industry.