Oxygen free pure copper anode,Pyrophosphate copper,Potassium pyrophosphate


Aluminum cavities are widely used in electronics, communications, electrical appliances and other industries. In order to shield the signal, the inside of the aluminum cavity is plated with silver. Because aluminum is a reactive metal, its expansion coefficient is very different from that of silver, and the size of the product is large, the shape is complex, and the inner cavity is deep, which causes great difficulties to electroplating silver. This problem can be solved by electroplating a layer of copper as a buffer between the metals aluminum and silver using a process called copper cyanide plating or copper pyrophosphate. Compared with traditional electrolytic copper, the anodic copper produced by YouNA has obvious quality advantages with high purity, less impurity content and delicate lattice. The stability of the process can be improved effectively when the copper pyrophosphate and potassium pyrophosphate are used together.