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Conductive cloth

With the development of electronic science and technology, microwave technology has been widely used in the fields of national defense, scientific research, communication, display and medical treatment. But microwaves can interfere with the normal operation of electronic equipment and harm human health. Conductive cloth can play a good role in shielding microwave, so its application scope is more and more wide. There are two main processes of conductive cloth electroplating: one is the traditional chemical copper precipitation, then copper plating with copper pyrophosphate system, and finally nickel plating; Another process route is to sputter a layer of metal copper, then copper pyrophosphate system plating copper, and finally nickel plating. Electroplating conductive cloth requires low coating stress, good softness, as the industry quality benchmark, the high quality electroplating materials produced by Younai can well meet the requirements of conductive cloth customers.