The company subsidizes students of migrant workers' children's schools


Younai is committed to making contributions to its community activities. It has established a partnership with Xinhu School, the largest school for migrant workers' children in Suzhou Hi tech Zone, for more than ten years to provide sustainable education opportunities for poor students. It started as a Saturday English class organized by volunteers of Uni Nai in 2005. The first scholarship activity was also held in the autumn of 2005 to help children from poor families and ensure their continued education. From 2008 to now, Uni and Xinhu School have launched a weekly English summer camp for children in Grade 4 and 5 of primary school every summer vacation; At the end of each winter semester, provide tuition sponsorship for children from families with financial difficulties; At the end of the year, prepare Christmas parties, send Christmas gifts to children, and share the joy of the holiday. On December 19, 2018, Yonai sent Christmas greetings to children, and all fourth grade children received book gifts. On January 11, 2019, Yonai Company sponsored part of the 2019 tuition fees for 20 children from poor families. During the ceremony, Mr. Wu Jingfeng, the general manager of UNION Copper (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., made a speech, encouraging children to carry out their happy learning life for life, and to find opportunities to help those around them who need help.
Yonai Copper wishes the children of Xinhu School a healthy growth, and let our love turn into knowledge and power to pass on to these children in need!